• Code Writing

    You can help fixing bugs and implementing new features. Here is how to get started coding on OpenNGO

    1. Install prerequisites (ruby/rails/git)
    2. Fork OpenNGO repo
    3. Create a clone of your fork on your system
    4. Make your modification or add a feature
    5. Make a pull request
    6. If the request is approved, you will have made your contribution to OpenNGO! Nice Work!
  • Tech Support and Training

    You can help by training new users of the system, write better user manuals and wikis

  • Spread the word

    You can help by telling NGOs about this project, making a blog post or tweet about it. OpenSource is about the community, we need your help growing OpenNGO community.

  • Use OpenNGO

    The best way to help us right now is by using OpenNGO. We need your feedback on how to improve the system, report any bugs/issues you might face.

    Our team will do it's best to assist you to deploy OpenNGO and start using it to manage your work.

  • Invite others to OpenNGO

    OpenNGO as a platform benifits when a new NGO joins. When you tell your partner NGOs to use the system we form a bigger and stronger community.

  • Donate

    OpenNGO is 100% FREE and OpenSource. However we could use resources to dedicate more developers working full-time on the project. Additionally, donations will be used for hosting since some local NGOs would lack access to web hosting to deploy the system (we currently provide it for limited number of NGOs)

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